Lesson Philosophy

Lessons are designed to tap into individual potential and interest of every student. Parts of the lesson is dedicated to how to practice and make the skill you seek your own. Anyone can go online and find knowledge, but to make this knowledge your own skill is what a good teacher does.

With custom designed practice plan of 15-30 min a day anyone can achieve the level of skill that they desire. Most importantly, feel that you constantly progress, which is a challenge of any musician at any level.

Sample Lesson

Contact us to book your free half hour sample lesson and consultation to decide on the best lesson plan that fits your goals.

Testimonials from Students

“Haim is simply one of the best teachers I’ve had in my life (prestigious college and law school included).  He always has a constructive approach to a lesson, even if I’ve been unable to practice much since the last time.  He finds so many ways to develop technique, understanding of theory, and love of the music.  His approach is fully responsive to my interests, needs and personal learning challenges.  Taking piano lessons as a busy adult is very challenging; Haim provides the support, guidance and flexibility that make it possible.  He is also a superb pianist, with a deep knowledge of classical, jazz and pop music, all of which deeply inform his teaching – that chord in a Monk tune sounds like something from The Who, and has its roots in Chopin…  I feel very lucky to have found him.”
~ Ron M.

“Learning Jazz as an adult is just like learning a new language.  Even though you have fluency in your original language, i.e. classic or pop, you need to know the grammar of jazz because you are not a kid who is able to learn a foreign language naturally by immersion. If you are thinking you can teach yourself by reading a book or two, go to Haim Cotton before wasting time and giving up. He is superb in guiding and inspiring you in a very methodical and intellectual way!”
~ Satoko U.

“I had a few jazz teachers before I met Haim, but he is the first one I decided to continue with for more than a year.  I appreciate his directness and honest approach, which gives me the motivation to be better, and  the endless examples he provides, which give me ideas and a sense of direction. I would recommend Haim as a piano teacher with all my heart.”
~ Ayal Y.