Music Production and Arranging

Haim Cotton has worked with many artists in the past 30 years as producer/arrangerĀ and created works some of which where selected for Grammy ballot nominations in more that 12 categories collectively.He records and mixes out of his home studio and works in collaboration with some of the finest recording musiciansĀ engineers and studios. Here are links to some of his works in this category:

iTunes: All The Love – Jennifer Harper

iTunes: Elytta

iTunes: Jeffrey Wilgus

iTunes: Katerina Ksenyeva with Haim Cotton

iTunes: Just Meant to Be – Rachel Menconi (feat. Haim Cotton)

Live Performance, Accompaniment and Coaching

With more than 30 years of experience in accompanying hundreds of live performances as a pianist and musical director, Haim is one of the best choices among musicians in New York City for the task. His expertise includes coaching

and preparation for auditions and concerts and he can transpose your song on sight to your ideal key.